We are more than just community buildings.  We are community builders.

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At LEARNING X LIVING we believe there is more to the business of student housing than economic models, capacity building and development projects. We believe our collective success lies at the intersection of living and learning. Created for clients of CAMPUS ASSETS – past, present, and future – the LXL blog will reflect on current topics, challenges and opportunities facing the post-secondary eco-system. We will focus on leadership issues, emerging trends and on making a lasting contribution to the new ABCD’s of higher education – Asset Based Community Development.

Each blog post will be broken down into three sections – CONCEPT, CONNECTION & CANDOUR. This is our method of curating content that becomes additive to the lives and careers of our readers. We will feature original content, share highlights from relevant reports and research, and interview key stakeholders to round out an objective and values-based publication.

About Joe Baker, LXL Editor

Joe Baker is a human capital consultant and a passionate thought leader. He is a vocal advocate for a resilient, inclusive, future-forward industry.  He is focused on strengthening organizations and people through transformational strategy, coaching, training, and talent. Joe was previously Dean at Centennial College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts in Toronto where he worked hand-in-hand with CAMPUS ASSETS CEO Patrick Miksa on the creation of a mixed-use residence and academic space that led to the most significant transformation and growth of the School’s over fifty-year history.

Joe values education and is devoted to being well-informed and certified before offering his insights and lending his expertise. He is certified in Emotional Intelligence and Change Management, as well as having an extensive educational background.  Joe is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow in new areas, and to give back through his knowledge, expertise, and areas of interest. He is a strong advocate of sustainability and sustainable practices.

Joe is CEO of Joe Baker & Co. and can be found everywhere @thejoebaker



CONCEPT We spend a lot of time in our lives feeling confronted and conflicted about our differences.  In our youth we are hesitant to accept our differences for fear of being left out.  As we get older, we embrace being different, long for it even, label ourselves...



CONCEPT  After 18 months of being told we must live six feet apart from anyone outside of our households, we are emerging from a post pandemic world with a heightened self-awareness but also the awareness of the importance and desire for human connection.  As we...



CONCEPT  Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic we were forced to retreat into our homes causing a series of significant shifts in our psyche.  We started living with uncertainty and longing for clarity, but as we disconnected from society, we also started...

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